Crowe Macro Auditores e Consultores is present in the main cities of the country. With several local and international customers, we use our deep know-how and expertise to offer services with high added value to public and privaty organizations, and at the same time, helping our customers to reach their goals in terms of management and strategy.

Our Values and Principles





  • We are creative, daring, and not afraid of making mistakes.
  • We challenge existing assumptions and, if necessary, we break paradigms.
  • Investment in innovation and technology is sacred to us.
  • We work collaboratively, treating everyone, without exception, with humility, respect, and warmth.
  • We decide by consensus and in a fair manner. Once a decision is made, we are fully committed to the full compliance of what has been decided.
  • We never put off until tomorrow what must be solved now.
  • Actions must be taken on behalf of the entire company and not on behalf of the individual.
  • Our company demands protagonism. Each professional must be responsible for his or her project and be ready for new challenges.
  • We do things simply, but we always dig deep into the issues, seeking the right decisions based on facts, data and intuition.
  • We are relentless in the search for the highest standard of service and in the rendering of services.
  • We deliver results with quality and on time, always seeking to add value to our clients.
  • It is our obligation to manage our projects so that they generate effective results for our company.
  • We develop people with the objective of turning them into the best talents.
  • Our people are our greatest asset. The growth of our company only happens with the growth of all our professionals.
  • Our professionals work with determination to win and keep the trust of our clients.
  • We never think of self benefit. We are generous with our people and with society.

Ownership Thinking

Ethics and Transparency


  • We are committed to the truth, being examples of conduct and ethics.
  • Our ethical beliefs and convictions are indispensable conditions of our Organization.
  • We take all applicable measures to avoid or minimize conflicts of interest in order not to lose our professional independence.
  • We believe that where there is transparency, there is no tolerance for misconduct.
  • We are not the greatest, but we certainly don’t owe them anything.
  • We never ignore problems and we never put off ways to try to solve them. They make us stronger.
  • We think big, because we believe we are as big as our dreams. The sky is the limit.
  • Ownership thinking must be spread to and by all our professionals.
  • We are obsessed with winning new clients and keeping them in perpetuity. Losing clients because of service problems is a source of shame for us.
  • We never think about winning alone. Acting as owners, we practice a meritocracy, in which differentiated delivery is always recognized and rewarded.

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

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