The commercial opening of China and the Asian Tigers has resulted in significant changes in the global market. With this, new opportunities are emerging among nations every day.

Crowe, one of the global leaders in audit and advisory services, with a presence in more than 130 countries and more than 42.000 professionals, holds a prominent position in China and other Asian countries, being among the three largest audit and accounting firms of that region with more than 15.000 professionals.

Crowe Brazil is among the top 10 global network of audit and accounting, attentive to opportunities in Brazil and in full synergy with the Asian offices, developed the China Desk Division, focused on serving the Asian companies that have subsidiaries or intend to establish in our market. That division has a full service platform and service teams specialized in business matters, accounting, tax and labor for your business.


  • In the planning and elaboration of the viability of the project in Brazil;
  • Identifying the best business model in corporate and tax approach;
  • In the constitution of the company;
  • Developing planning business transactions;
  • Assisting in finding the best form of financial structuring and raising funds for investment in the sector;
  • As your accountant, assuming the technical responsibility of the accounting bookkeeping or giving specialized professionals in its segment to perform work in accounting, tax, labor and financial and still in the correction, rectification or reorganization proceedings that may generate risks or contingencies;
  • Watching the review of processes, systems implementation and performance improvements;
  • Providing internal audit services in order to check the maintenance of the assets managed by third parties to your company;
  • Performing preventive audit work to review internal and financial controls, accounting practices, calculations of taxes and payroll, and IT environment;
  • In the independent audit of the financial statements with the issuance of opinion on them for dissemination to shareholders or third parties;
  • Deploying corporate governance programs focused on succession, professionalism and modernity in the management of your company.

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

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