About our Services


In the current context in which organizations are required to have many controls, quality and transparency of conduct, the audit area of Crowe assumes an important role.


We have local expertise and global service standarship by mixing the high advisory level with techonology, inovation, methodology and delivery excellence.


Planning mixes cutting-edge theoretical knowledge with the best practices adopted in the field you are interested in.

Corporate Finance

This division is structured to advise companies, executives and entrepreneurs at all stages of a purchase and sale transaction of companies or businesses.


We help IT to develop and implement better procedures and controls by creating a stronger and more effective Governance.

Due Diligence

We offer a comprehensive set of Due Diligence services for buyers, investors and sellers to simplify the entire transaction process.


Our company has a team of tax consultants with vast experience, able to assist companies with the various challenges of the tax environment.


Our scope of work has the purpose of correcting problems and maximizing the results of Companies in operation.


Our team is capable to advise your company or institution, offering risk analysis and management services, working together with our global network of professionals.

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

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