Independent External Audit

In the current context in which organizations are required to have many controls, quality and transparency of conduct, the audit area of Crowe assumes the important role of reviewing the credibility and reliability of the accounting and financial information provided to shareholders and the market, as well as their use in decision-making processes.
The Crowe methodology considers the importance of the scenario in which the business operates, taking into account the strong business experience of its professionals which allows us to plan and conduct the work in order to identify and evaluate the inherent risks as well as identify the opportunities to improve the profitability of its customers’ businesses.
Crowe is a member of all the regulatory bodies of the audit activity, following with extreme rigor the legal determinations and standards. The reports attested by our global network are trustworthy documents and of great acceptance in the market, providing even more credibility as to the transparency of our customers’ businesses.


  • Assurance and review of the financial statements with issuance of the independent auditors’ report;
  • Special audit on areas, balances, data, legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and specific transactions (assurance);
  • Agreed upon procedures;
  • Audit of drawing, raffles, auctions, among other audits with specific purpose;
  • Appraisal report
  • Diagnosis, advice and complete consultancy regarding Brazilian (BRGAAP), US (USGAAP) and international (IFRS) accounting standards;
  • Diagnosis of the general accounting situation;
  • Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting.

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