In dynamic and evolving markets, different risks and complexities can threaten the success of operations such as mergers and acquisitions. Faced with these challenges, we offer a comprehensive set of Due Diligence services for buyers, investors and sellers to simplify the entire transaction process, identifying risks and synergy opportunities, providing greater security and transparency, obtaining the real value of the transaction. Our flexible and focused approach meets the specific needs of each transaction, both for strategic clients and for investment funds in companies’ purchase and sale operations.
Our fully integrated Due Diligence solutions include:

Finance and Accounting

  • Analysis of Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit or Loss;
  • Profit quality analysis – adjustments to reported EBITDA;
  • Critical analysis of accounting and infrastructure reports;
  • Cash flow, net debt and working capital analysis;
  • Identification of the main negotiation matters, risks and tax aspects.



  • Analysis of the tax records maintenance and identification of undeclared contingencies;
  • Verification of compliance of applicable taxes compliance at the Federal, State and Municipal levels;
  • Optimization of tax structuring for acquisitions and disposals.


Labor and Social Security

  • Assessment of labor and social contribution issues in order to identify undeclared contingencies;
  • Verification of salary and social contribution payments;
  • Review of documentation related to the personnel department, including RAIS, PAT, CAGED registration, among others.

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