Independent Audit

  • Agreed upon procedures;
  • Assurance and review of financial statements with the issuance of the independent auditor’s report;
  • Audit of financial information for the purpose of consolidating the group’s financial statements (reporting package)
  • Special audit on areas, balances, data, legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and specific transactions (assurance);
  • Screening audits, sweepstakes, auctions, among other audits with a specific purpose;
  • Accounting appraisal report for merger, spin-off and fair value purposes;
  • Diagnosis, advisory and complete consultancy regarding Brazilian (BRGAAP), U.S. (USGAAP) and international (IFRS) accounting standards;
  • Diagnosis of the general accounting situation;
  • Audit of accountability, sustainability reports and other non-historical information.

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