Internal Audit

  • Implementation of Internal Audit, defining structure, functions and performance;
  • Quality review (AQR) and training of Internal Audit teams;
  • Execution of operational and financial audits with specialized teams in the most different sectors;
  • Special audits, with agreed-upon procedures aimed at specific analyses or fraud;
  • Automation of Internal Audit processes with Data Analitics, Continuous Audits and RPA tools;
  • Internal Technology Audit (COBIT);
  • Outsourcing of Internal Audit services and co-sourcing;
  • Adequacy, assessment and testing of the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) requirements;
  • Presentation of internal audit results to boards of directors and tax and audit committees;
  • Support to IPO boards and committees (B3 and CVM requirements for Internal Audit and Risk Management).

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