Our scope of work has the purpose of correcting problems and maximizing the results of Companies in operation.

Strategic Performance

  • Formulation of the Strategy;
  • Implementation of Strategic Management Processes.


Structural Performance and Corporate Management

  • Evaluation, Diagnosis and Adequacy of the Existing Corporate Management Model Implementation and Monitoring of the Corporate Management Model;
  • Analysis, Adequacy and restructuring of Organizational Structure;
  • Analysis, Improvement and Adequacy of Policies, Standards and Management Procedures;
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Policies, Norms and Management Procedures;
  • Process Mapping, Analysis and Design for Implementation of Management Software (ERPs);
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Information Quality of Managerial Reports and Management Tools;
  • Adequacy of Managerial Reports and Management Tools.


Operations Performance

  • Identification and Analysis of Problems, Definition of Root Causes and Action Plans for Improvement;
    Process Analysis and Optimization (Mapping, Analysis, Redesign);
  • Development of Procedures, Methods and Tools;
  • Implementation of New Processes, Procedures, Methods and Tools;
  • Alignment of the Strategy with Operations;
  • Consolidation and Deployment of Operational Performance Goals;
  • Operational Performance Monitoring and Analysis;
  • Production Performance Analysis (Operational Excellence, Lean Production) – Focus on the identification and elimination of losses;
  • Supply Chain Performance Analysis.


Finance and Controlling Performance

Analysis, Diagnosis and Design of Internal Controls:

  • Controllership Management;
  • Budget and Cost Management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Financial and Controllership Performance;
  • Contract Management.


Project Management

  • Program, Portfolio and Project Management for capital investment at the governance level, by building the entire process of organizational structuring of the Project and design of processes (including procedures and tools) to be used in each area or project discipline.
  • Integration of these processes with existing processes of the client and other team members (designers, suppliers, project management companies, constructors, commissioners and operators) and check of compliance to the established processes and requirements throughout the implementation process.
  • Implementation of a methodology to monitor the performance of the Program, Portfolio or Project as a whole (broad view), avoiding gaps and creating visibility for the various managerial levels (shareholders, Council, Presidency, directors and managers) Integrating the areas and team members, creating focus and increasing the quality of decision making, seeking the maximization of results and achieving established goals.


Areas of Expertise in PM

  • Portfolio Management;
  • Project Database (Extended Project Charter);
  • Team and Organization;
  • Physical-Financial Planning and Control (includes Risk and Scope & Change Management);
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements and Licensing and Regulations;
  • Engineering and Architecture;
  • Procurement and Logistics (includes Contracts, Measurement and Invoicing);
  • Construction and Assembly;
  • Site Management;
  • Commissioning, Pre-operation and Start-up;
  • Safety, Health and Environment and Sustainability;
  • Financial, Tax and Accounting Management;
  • Human Resources and Labor Relations Management (includes labor and Social security charges);
  • Insurance;
  • Communication, Integration and Systems (IT).

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