We assist the foreigner or the Brazilian regarding organizing his life in a foreign country or country of return.

House Hunting

  • Previously finding, selecting and evaluating properties available in the market
  • Booking the family’s visits to the selected real estate options
  • Negotiation of the price and contractual terms
  • Chosen property security conditions evaluation
  • Rent contract elaboration or analysis from the legal standpoint
  • Preparation / revision of the property and furniture check list
  • Checking / preparation of a photo album of the property.
  • Contracting of home insurance (sending three budgets to choose)
  • Contracting of bail insurance (sending three budgets to choose)

School Hunting

  • Selection of schools for expat’s children according to the profile requested
  • Booking the family’s visits to the schools
  • Support with registration process and material and uniform information

House Maintenance

Assisted by house maintenance experts, we analyses and monitor the property conditions.

  • Property conditions
  • Necessary repairs (painting in general, electricity and plumbing services, carpentry, and restoration)
  • Gardening, gutters cleaning, tree pruning
  • Heavy cleaning before the delivery of the property
  • Extermination of insects, if necessary
  • Assistance with the property during the permanence of the expatriate in Brazil.

Household Moving

Monitoring and assistance in household moving.

Management of:

  • Scheduling of inspections (3 companies for budget purposes)
  • Contract of transportation companies
  • Documentation for customs clearance and shipping (air and sea lift)
  • Contract of household moving clearance at destination services
  • All documentation required for the transportation of pets
  • Follow-up of the household moving documentation.

International insurance:

  • Insurance hiring
  • Follow up of possible damages
  • Getting an expert to analyses the damage.

Leaving a property in Brazil

  • Advice on which alternative will bring higher profits and less stress. Rent, sell or leave it closed
  • Previously finding, selecting and evaluating properties available in the market
  • Negotiation of the price and contractual terms
  • Rent contract elaboration or analysis from the legal standpoint
  • Preparation / revision of the property and furniture check list
  • Checking / preparation of a photo album of the property.


Foreigner leaving Brazil or Brazilian returning to Brazil.

  • Assistance with termination of lease agreement
  • Monitoring and advising on possible repairs to the property
  • Final inspection of the property along with the property owner and delivery of the keys
  • For homeowners, assistance in the preparation of inventory of property(ies)
  • Assistance with real estate agencies in order to lease the property
  • Assistance in the preparation of private and public powers of attorney / translation of documents (diplomas, school/ university degrees, birth and marriage certificates etc.).


Landmarks, where to live, neighborhoods preferred by international residents, services available in the region (Supermarkets, Drugstores, hospitals, Clinics, bilingual Doctors and Veterinarians, Shopping Malls, Banks, Car dealerships etc.), how to get around safely and the best schools.


We guide the expatriate regarding cultural matters to make his / her quick adaptation easier.

Cross Cultural Training

Research shows that in international transfers Foreigners or Brazilians who do not participate in a training of cultural adaptation often end their assignment in the country with their performances below the company’s expectations.

The main causes for failure are the difficulties faced in personal or family adaptation and dissatisfaction at work or with the co-workers.

That’s why we offer a personalized intercultural training for expatriates and their families. Its content is very rich as it encompasses all aspects involved in the expatriation process.

This way they can learn to build a bridge between the country of origin and destination, making it easier for them to understand the new place and its population. Our training not only provides individuals with greater security and peace of mind by facilitating on-site adaptation, but also strengthens interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside the workplace. Here is a list of the content we offer:

  • General information about Brazil (history, demographic data, particularities of each region, etc.)
  • Information about the city in question
  • What to do in the city (culture, commerce, leisure)
  • Brazilian gastronomy
  • Characteristics and habits of Brazilians
  • Public transportation & health
  • How to be a manager in Brazil
  • The role of the family in the expatriate’s life
  • How to deal with household employees
  • Personal, home and traffic safety
  • Card and document fraud
  • Traffic information (signs, speed cameras, fines, rotation, common behavior, etc.)

Language Courses

The language is one of the greatest barriers that the expatriated and his family must overcome. To make the transfer smoother, we can guide/ offer courses taught by renowned language schools. The program is structured in a personalized way, to better meet the needs of each person.

Personal and Traffic Safety

Being an item of extreme importance for the transferee, we work in partnership with a company specialized in this area. Through seminars involving the whole family, some basic security notions are given which helps eliminating or mitigating the risks to which all are subjected daily. In addition, various techniques are taught to face a real risk.

Spouse Support

Often the spouse abandons his/ her career or studies to follow his/ her spouse. To keep himself/ herself up to date until retuning to the origin country, we offer them orientation about the best courses offered in the market, as well as, we indicate renowned and specialized companies in headhunting, assessments, coaching etc.

In addition, we can guide them about volunteer services, NGO’s or schools of manual/ artistic activities, music/ choir groups etc.

Global Mobility Services

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