Our team is capable to advise your company or institution, offering risk analysis and management services, working together with our global network of professionals, assessing and developing customized solutions, with the objective of monitoring and mitigating risks, thus adding value to your business.


Implementation of Internal Audit, defining structure, functions and performance; 

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing;
  • Design and implementation of compliance processes, including Anticorruption Law;
  • Monitoring and review testing of internal policies and procedures as part of the compliance program;
  • Advisory in the preparation and implementation of the code of ethics and conduct, as well as in the structuring of ethics and conduct committees;
  • Advisory in the creation of ombudsman channels (reporting);
  • Internal audit focused on fraud analysis and investigation;
  • Process audit, assessing risks not mitigated by current controls and areas of improvement;
  • Risk assessment of service providers (third parties), including the development of processes or áreas of improvement, aiming at greater security and improvement in the commercial relationship;
  • Design and implementation of internal controls;
  • Implementation of the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act requirements.

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