Tax Consulting

Taxes are a large portion of a company’s costs and expenses in Brazil, so a preventive analysis of their calculations and a study of the best forms of adoption can become a valuable administrative and financial management tool and directly influence your company’s profit. Our company has a team of tax consultants with vast experience, able to assist companies with the various challenges of the tax environment:


  • Analysis of the tax procedures required by current legislation for direct and indirect taxes;
  • Analysis of compliance with ancillary or complementary obligations (Sped Contributions, Fiscal Sped, ECF, ICMS Information Guides, DCTF, among others);
  • Multi-annual tax and strategic planning aiming at the organization or restructuring of the tax aspects adopted by companies;
  • In-company training aimed at training and education of professionals working in the companies’ tax department as well as professionals in general, aiming at risk mitigation;
  • Survey of tax credits at all levels, aiming at their offset or refund with the bodies;
  • Review or preparation of Transfer Pricing, in order to select the best calculation method to be adopted, analysis and study of the applicable prices aiming at a lower tax impact;
  • Tax studies aimed at international companies that want to start their operations in Brazil by analyzing the best form of investment in relation to the tax burden and analysis of international treaties;
    Tax studies focused on mergers and acquisitions, aiming at their adaptation to tax rules and cost reduction;
    Tax studies related to succession planning;
  • Post-acquisition advisory regarding corporate and tax structuring;
  • Ongoing tax advisory to companies through periodic analysis of the tax procedures adopted by them;
    Advisory in the review of tax parameters adopted by the company in its ERP;
  • Participation in corporate technical committees, directly contributing to the practical decisions made by the company;
  • Preparation and review of the Individual Annual Adjustment Statement (IRPF);
  • SISCOSERV – Integrated Foreign Trade System for Services, Intangibles and Other Operations that Produce Changes in Equity: Diagnosis of adherence, preparation or review of information provided or to be provided and consulting (opinions on classification and operations);
  • Tax Package (USGAAP, IFRS or BRGAAP Deferred Tax): preparation or review of the calculation of Deferred Taxes for reporting services to the parent company of subsidiaries located in Brazil;
  • FIN 48 (ASC 740-10) preparation or review of FIN 48 to comply with the rules of parent companies located in the United States.

Consultoria Trabalhist

In the face of increasing changes and the complexity of social security and labor legislation, monitorin these changes is crucial to the financial health of companies. Our company has a technical staff with vast experience in this area and can assist you in various topics:


  • Analysis of the organizational environment to implement routines for compliance with e-Social rules;
  • Labor and social security diagnosis analyzing the procedures adopted by the company;
  • Review of the parameters adopted by companies regarding payroll-related routines;
  • Analysis of the benefit plans adopted by the company in order to comply with the legal requirements and the controls adopted;
  • Social security planning;
    Analysis of the procedures adopted regarding the hiring of third parties aiming at the mitigation of solidary risks;
  • Survey of social security debts and credits;
  • Advisory in the presentation of defense to infraction notices and fines;
  • Assistance in the management of labor contingencies.

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