Visas and Documents

All assistance to Brazilians and Foreigners


International HR. Specialized, personalized and confidential services of support to the companies.

We assist in the development of:

  • Guidelines / rules for expatriates
  • Salary proposal for expatriates
  • Cost of living – comparatives
  • Hardship – comparatives
  • International benefits
  • Career plan for expatriates
  • Risk reports, if the company already employs expatriates, and wants to check whether the current legislation is being respected.



GABE assists in obtaining visas for temporary or permanent work before the Labor and Justice Ministries and documents required by Brazilian law.

Temporary Visas

  • Employment contract
  • Technical assistance contract
  • Professional training.
Permanent Visas

  • Directors / officers (statutory)
  • Investors
  • Marriage to Brazilians and / or birth of a child in Brazil
  • Family Reunion.
Visa Extension / Transformation

Permission to perform concomitant positions


Follow-up of all documentation
Consular Visas for Brazilians

Documents required by Brazilian Law

  • CRNM – National Migration Registration Card (Identity Document)
  • CPF – Individual Taxpayers’ Registry
  • CTPS – Work Booklet
  • CNH – Driver’s license.

  • Bank account in Brazil
  • Obtaining or Renewal of Passport
  • Legalization of Documents.

Global Mobility Services

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